My name is Christine Joan, I’m an authentic Jamaican Queen, raised in New York City and living in Italy for more than thirty years.  

Some of you might also know me by the name of Nikita, during the period of my first music project titled I.C.T. (Inspiration Color Trash). Hitting the top 10 European charts back in 1996. Coming out of ICT, taught me so many lessons (good and bad) about the music industry that has moulded me into the artist that I am today. 

After this short but intense experience, I decided to found a new group and company: J.M.P (Jamit Music Production). With this project I became more demanding, more creatively focused; towards everything that had to do with me and my music projects. My leadership experience with J.M.P was extremely remarkable: I had the opportunity to work with many beautiful people and artists from all over the world. I collaborated with some of the most outstanding artists such as: Jean-Paul Maunick, better known by his stage name Bluey, leader of the British acid jazz band Incognito, Federico Mecozzi, Fabio De Luigi, Le Iene, Victor Rambaldi, Pino Insegno, Rabarama,  and many more.

Today thanks to all these experiences, I continue to dedicate myself to art in all its forms: writing my novels/fantasy, theatrical shows and performances, musical productions, video clips, television formats, collaborations in the field of education, fashion and  interior designs.  

I learned that everything is possible when you believe in yourself. Because being true to “autentic creativity” goes way beyond common imaginations.


CV ( ITA )